How to Get Newborn Baby to Sleep in Crib (Expert Mom’s Tips)

how to get newborn baby to sleep in crib

Parenting is a great responsibility and a privilege as well. If you have a newborn, you will note that it is becoming extremely difficult for you to do some other tasks especially if the baby is used to sleeping in your arms. Purchasing a crib is actually the best idea. The only challenging thing is to get the baby to sleep in the crib. This is because the baby is used to your arms but not the crib. However, there are ways on how to get your baby sleep in the crib. In this article, we will discuss ways on how to get your baby sleep in the crib.

“Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows.”

8 Easy Step How to Get Newborn Baby to Sleep in Crib

1.Establish New Sleeping Routine-Set Habits That Will Let Your Kid know When to Sleep

This is the first step on how to get your baby sleep in the crib. Let your baby know when its time to sleep regardless of where to sleep. Make it a routine and let your baby know he/she belongs to the crib. Let her know the crib is good and comfortable. It is always good to have the crib in your bedroom so as to monitor the kid. When the crib is rightfully placed in your bedroom, you will be able to monitor the kid and breastfeed when necessary.

2.Sing a Soothing Song

Babies love sweet songs and lullabies. Every time you want your baby to sleep, you should do something that will soothe your baby to sleep. This includes singing a sweet song you can use the best baby monitors for preloaded lullabies too. It is important to note that your baby was not used to the crib. You must come up with ways that will make sleeping in a crib more worthwhile. Ding lullaby until the baby falls asleep. At this point, you can transfer the baby from your arms to the baby crib.

3.Give The Baby a Toy

A toy is a very important item for the baby. a toy keeps the baby busy and engaged. It is always good to ensure that the crib has toys that engage the minds of your kid. These toys have sounds that soothe the baby to sleep. There are different types of the crib that come with different toys. There are toys that have been specifically for bedtime. You should buy the toys that have all the bedtime features. Toys that play soothing music are among the best toys for your kid. Check out this Cute Owl!

Some Toys are creepy but they do the job!! Check this video for Baby Shusher. Actuluy it more like a tool not a toy

4.Let The Baby Know That the Crib is The Best Place For Sleep

If you want your baby to love the crib, you must make it look better than the bed. Put the best toys there let the crib have all it takes to make the baby happy and soothe him to sleep. A crib gives a baby a self of independence and comfort. It prepares the baby psychologically that he can stay or sleep without mommy. When the kid grows big, it is important for him to learn to sleep alone. Don’t make the kid be dependent. Let him learn to sleep alone and enjoy his own company. You can introduce the baby to the crib and make her/her get used to it. You can hang nice toys (like this one) in the crib and tell the kid to reach them. This will keep him engaged and happy and with time, he will come to like the place. Let the place be the fun ground for the kid. Let him know everything good is only found in the crib especially during bedtime.

5.Let your Baby Adjust to the Crib By Having Him Sleep There During the Day

Leaving your baby in the crib at night will be a major problem. Let the baby get used to the crib by having him sleep there during the day. With time, the baby will adjust. During the day, you will have some chores or house work to perform. A crib allows you to do the job while the baby is sleeping. The first step to having the baby sleep in the crib is by letting him adjust to the crib during the day. The more he sleeps the more he gets used to it. With time, the kid will be able to sleep in the crib even at night. Let him know the crib is a safe, secure and comfortable place.

6.Move The Baby Crib into Your Room

It is always good to have the baby crib into your room. As a parent, you should monitor your child until he is big enough to sleep in his room. In case he needs to be fed at night, you will always do it easily and conveniently. Ensure the baby crib is placed in your room and close to your bed. The baby crib must be the best size for the kid and must be safe and

7.Coax your baby to sleep before leaving

If it is during the day you should never leave the room before the baby sleeps. Ensure the baby is asleep before leaving. By doing this, you will be able to do some other house chores without having to worry about the kid. The toys and music toys will help you coax the baby to sleep. Always feed your baby well before taking him to sleep and never force your baby to sleep when he is not interested or when he is

8.Minimize physical discomforts

For your baby to sleep in the crib, you must minimize physical discomforts or anything that will interfere with his comfort and sleep. Always feed him before sleep, ensure he is not wet. Make sure your baby has a diaper if necessary. Make the place comfortable for him to sleep. The room must be well-ventilated, safe and secure for the kid. Pets should not be allowed into the room as they would disrupt the baby. Your baby deserves the best care and comfort. The environment must be great and safe for the baby. The more effort you make the better. It is challenging to introduce a crib to the baby; always make the place safe and secure for your kid.


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