Hello Baby Additional Camera for HB24 HB32 (Reviews 2020)

Hello Baby Additional CameraIf you already have the HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor HB24 or HB34 and looking for some additional camera for the Best HelloBaby Baby Monitor then you are landed at the right place. For the fans of the Hello Baby products, this platform is best and unbiased. Because you will get unbiased and honest product reviews done by the professionals. Today in this article you will unveil all the facts and figures related to the HelloBaby Additional Camera Child Unit for HB32 and HB24 HelloBaby Best baby Monitors. These baby monitors allow you to keep an eye on your young ones. But having an additional camera unit simply means you need some extra safety and protection for your little champ. The both HelloBaby Baby Monitors support fully the extra and additional camera units.

Hello Baby Additional Camera Child Unit Add-on for HB24 HB32 Review

Additional Camera Unit for HelloBaby HB24 & HB23 Baby Monitors

If you want an additional Camera for the HelloBaby HB24 and HB23 then here comes the best additional camera unit for Best Baby Monitor. This camera promises the quality of images. It provides the clean & clear images in both day and night time. The cameras automatically detect the diminishing of light and activate the Infrared LEDs which automatically adjust the intensity level of light in the baby’s room and transmit the crystal clear black and white images. This feature leads to the continuous monitoring of the baby activities.

Visual Indicators for Noise

The parental unit consists of the LEDs on both Baby Monitors. With these LEDs, you can visualize the sound level in the baby room which can also alert you if the baby is crying out or not. This can also alert the parents when they turned the volume of the device down. This function is best for the person who has poor hearing.

Support Audio-Only Mode

With the help of the Audio-Only Mode, you can turn the Video baby monitor into the Audio baby monitor. This will leads so many advantages for you. First of all, you will save the battery and can double the timing of the device.

Manual Tilting and Panning

Moreover, you can control the direction of viewing for both H24 and H23 with the help of the remote control. You can view the baby at wide angles also. Manually you can also do pan and tilting for the optimized view of the baby with Best Hello baby devices.

Super Easy handling

The cameras are very easy to handle. You can place the camera on any tabletop or can be mounted it on any wall. The device is well designed and has the good physical appearance.

Ranges Offered by the HB24 & HB23

Both of the devices HelloBaby HB24 and HB23 offers a good range of transmitting data to be exact 300m or 960feet approximately. The range defines that you can listen and respond to the calls of your infant while doing your daily routine works. See more best Hello baby monitor or go through all the best baby monitor brands to pick the best model by best brand.

Power Capacity

Both of the devices come with the good battery size and offers the long life of batteries. Both of then consist of rechargeable batteries means that’s you shouldn’t be worried about the replacing of batteries.

Final verdicts about Hello Baby Additional Camera Child Unit Add-On

If you want to view your baby activities across the multiple portions of your house then you must need more than one additional camera units. The devices of HelloBaby best baby Monitors are supported multiple cameras at the same time. With low price tag and budget, you can enhance the viewing angles of your baby movement. Grabbing extra cameras means you are more sensitive to your infant or newborn baby.


  • Highly flexible and affordable.
  • The camera is compatible with both Hello baby HB24 and HB23.
  • Super Easy handling.
  • Parental units consist of LEDs indicator for noise level.
  • Low Price Tag.
  • Lack of some guided instructions.

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