8 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors for Twins Two Camera [Feb 2022]

A baby monitor is always the best Device to take care of your Baby, and If you have twins Baby and you are having some problem in handling both babies then the Baby split screen Monitor would be the perfect device for you.

Through the baby split-screen, You can also look at your baby while working and doing some other Household works. There are many features in the Baby monitors that help you to take care of your Babies In this post you are going to know some of the Split screen Baby monitors with their awesome features.

In the Baby monitors, there are multiple cameras and a display, You can place those cameras in your Baby room, And Use the Display to watch The visuals in all different angles of your Baby room from anywhere in your house with the Help of Split Screen. But firstly you should Know about Baby monitors, How this device is useful for you.

8 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors for Twins 2022

Take a look at all the Best split screen baby monitor to see which one is ideal for your needs and budget.
  Our Top Picks For You… 

1.MoonyBaby dual baby monitor -Big screen long-range 

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MoonyBaby is The Third Best twin Split screen Monitor on Our list This Baby Monitor Comes with a Dual camera and a Display which shows the visual of those cameras.

With the Help of this Split Screen monitor, You can see the view of two rooms at a time in the Display and also hear the audio of your Baby’s rooms one by one.

There are many good features in the Camera of this Moonybaby Monitor like Digital zoom to see a closer view of your Baby, You can choose to view Wide-angle or without wide-angle, You can rotate Your Camera remotely with the Display no need to touch the camera.

It’s 4.3” Large monitor gives you a very clear view and also it is very portable you can carry it in your Pocket. Also for the low light, You can see your baby clearly with its Night vision feature.

Its Battery Backup is Very Good it can give You up to 8 hours of watch time on its Display with more secure and encrypted Video so that no one another can monitor your Baby except you.

This Baby monitor has also a Power Saving mode save more energy on your monitor so that it lasts long. And also it is a totally wireless connection of the camera to the display monitor.

TIn this Baby monitor You can see the room temperature of your Baby, which also gives you an alert if your baby starts to cry, so that you can use the Two-way communication feature to talk to your baby to make him feel comfortable.


  • Good Battery Backup.
  • Two-way talkback feature.
  • Control the camera with the display monitor.
  • Built-in Lullabies and night vision.
  • Extra 170 degrees of a wide-angle lens for a wider view.


  • Maximum of 2 camera Support.

2.Babysence Split Screen – Budget-Friendly for Twins

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Babysence comes with a 4.3-inch high-quality split-screen display and with pan tilt zoom camera. It has the more powerful 2.4 GHz technology which gives you a super clear view and sound with a more protected and secured wireless connection between the camera and monitor.

You can talk to your baby directly to calm and make comfort to your baby if they start to cry with its 2-way talkback communication features. And when the babies can not sleep or become quiet then you can use the inbuilt lullabies to make them comfortable and feel sleepy.

It has a range of up to 950 feet so that you can watch on to your baby from everyplace inside the house. Its night vision technology gives you the perfect view of your baby even in the night so that you won’t miss any moment of your Baby.

With its camera you can do 2X digital zoom and 360-degree pan, 90-degree tilt gives a clear view of every space in your baby room.


  • 2X Digital zoom with 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt.
  • Good range of connection of about 1000 feet.
  • 2-way talkback communication features.
  • 2.4 GHz more secure connection.
  • Easy and portable to use its 4.2-inch Display.


  • Average Battery Life.

3.Vtech VM321-2 Baby Monitor– longest-range for twins

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Vtech Baby monitor comes with two camera units for the Baby room and a display of a 2.8-inch color LCD display for Parents with this you can also monitor the room temperature of your baby room. Its under 200 twin baby monitor with excellent performance.

Vtech Baby monitor comes with DECT 6.0 features which help in canceling the Background noise so that you hear only your Baby voice clearly. With a good range of connections of up to 1000 feet so that you can be in contact with your while doing all your normal household works.

This baby monitor provides you with digital transmission of 2.4 GHz which gives you a more secure wireless connection. It has an infrared signal which detects the light so that when the light gets low then it automatically on the Night vision so that you can get a clear vision of your BAby.

You can zoom, pan, and tilt the camera remotely through the display for a clear visual of the entire room. This Baby monitor has 6 levels of sound indicator which shows the level of noise. And also allows you to talk to your baby with 2-way talkback communication to make your baby feels relax. Check Also 342-2 Reviews 


  • Background Noise cancellation.
  • Good range of connection of up to 1000 feet.
  • Infrared light for night vision mode.
  • Adjustable Camera lens.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Battery backup is low.

4.Motorola -Two Portable Cameras for twins

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Motorola Video Baby Monitor comes with 5 inches Lcd split-screen color display and two cameras that give you the full room coverage of your Baby.

You can easily control the movement of the camera with its display also you can zoom in to get a closer view of your Baby.

It has infrared night vision sight which allows you to view your baby in the Low Light. Also if your baby starts to cry you can talk to him with its two-way talkback feature to make your baby comfortable.

The camera fitted inside your Baby room is equipped with High sensitivity mic which captures the slight sound and gives you an alert when your baby starts to cry.

Through this Best Baby monitor, a dedicated app also support which gives learners new facts about the baby also how to care for your baby, you can also track the growth and development of your Baby.


  • 5 inches of the large display.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless secure connection.
  • Infrared Night-vision feature.
  • Display room temperature.
  • You can Pan, Tilt, or zoom the camera.


  • Average Battery Backup of up to 5 hours.


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CasaCam is the no.1 Best video Baby monitor it comes with a single camera and a 5-inch Lcd touch screen display and expanded up to 4 cameras.

It has the best and easy user-friendly interface and available in 6 languages supports with sound activated led lights. Also, it has a Two-way communication feature so that you can talk to your baby if He starts crying to make him feel comfortable.

Its display is of 5-inch touchscreen Lcd display with 720-pixel video supports for a clear view of the Baby room, Also shows the temperature of your baby room. You can control the movement of the camera with its screen.

Talking about the camera which can rotate up to 270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically. Its Night vision mode automatically switches from normal to night vision when the light gets dim for a clear view of your Baby. It can be panned and tilt remotely from the display for a view of the entire room. You can also Zoom in or Zoom out to get a more clear view.

Its Power save mode in which the monitor works without audio and video and become active only if there is sound in the baby room. Also, it has an audio-only mode through which you can hear the sound of your baby room only To save the battery for lasts long.

Its battery gives you up to 8 hours on display on time. Its 2.4 GHz display wireless technology gives you a more secure and private connection between the display and the camera.


  • Touch Screen Display.
  • 6 Languages support.
  • Two-way communication 
  • Night Vision for a clear view in dim light.
  • Easy to use and Control.
  • Built-in Lullabies.


  • Battery Not stayed for long hardly up to 3 hours.
  • A single Camera provided.

6.DBPower – up to 4 cameras

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DBpower Video monitor is one of the second Baby Monitor Its User-friendly interface makes it very easy to operate. Its System supports up to 4 cameras at a time that makes it so that you can use it to monitor 4 different rooms or at 4 different angles in a Single room at a Time. You can also remotely control the camera with your monitor to rotate the camera.

For Video Visual it has a 4.3” Lcd Screen which gives you clear video Quality and in Resolution of 640*480. This Baby monitor display has sound-activated Led light which makes you see How much Your Baby is making Noise and Crying Through the level of Led bars.

You can also Use the Two-way communication feature at that time to make contact with your baby so that they feel relax and feels Your Presence. This Baby monitor also gives you audio & visual alert if Your Baby starts to cry, Battery low alert, Out of range alert. 

You can also do video recording to capture the most important and happiest moments of your little baby and You can share them with your family or relatives.

It gives you High privacy and the Most Reliable video recording so that no one else can look on to Your baby Except you.

This Baby monitor comes with 32GB of Storage which never Lets you stop Recording and if the Storage gets Full then you can transfer those memories of happy moments of Baby in any extra Sd drive.

This Split screen Baby monitor automatically detects the light of your baby room so that if the light goes dim then it automatically switches into night vision mode to give you a better view of your Baby.


  • Very easy to operate.
  • Good range of connection of about 1000 feet without Lag.
  • The good Storage capacity of 32 Gb.
  • Control the camera remotely from the Display.
  • You can also do a video recording of your baby’s special moments.


  • It has a Very Loud Sound which Sometimes pierces your Ears.
  • Battery Backup doesn’t Last for the whole Night.

7.Avexue Split Screen Baby Monitor – Big screen up to 4 camera

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Avexue Baby monitor comes with a camera that is capable of panning up to 360 degrees and Tilt-up to 90 degrees with a 4.3 inch super clear display. And captures the good quality of the video.

Its Display monitor supports up to 4 cameras and equipped with 2-way talkback features which allows you to talk to your baby when he is crying to make him feel comfortable.

With its 2.4 GHz, wireless gives you a more secure and clear vision of your Baby. Also, it is equipped with infrared night vision technology which automatically switches the display into the Night vision mode for better clarity visual in low Light.

However, it has a good connection range of up to 900ft which gives lags free visual from everyplace inside your House. It has a room temperature sensor that senses your Baby’s room temperature continuously and also an alert system that gives an audio alert if your baby starts crying.


  • Good Display quality.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Adjustable camera lens with the help of Display.
  • Clear Night vision.
  • Temperature Sensor and 2-way communication features.


  • Connection strength is not so good.

8.Summer Infant Split screen Baby monitor – 3.5″ with 2 Camera

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Summer Infant Split screen baby monitor is one of the most affordable and best-split screen monitor. It comes with a dual-camera and a 3.5-inch large screen. With it, you can expand up to 4 cameras.

This Baby monitor is capable of 2-way talkback features which makes you stay connected with your baby and talk to them when you are far from them to make them comfortable.

Its 2.4 GHz wireless connection provides a more stable, Private, and secure connection to the camera so that no one else can watch your Baby except you.

You can also split the screen into four parts so that you can see the entire view of your baby rooms. More clear vision has infrared night vision which gives you clear visual also in low light.


  • Its Split screen can accommodate 4 cameras.
  • Night vision mode.
  • 2-way communication.
  • Adjustable Camera lens.
  • Also, have a temperature sensor.


  • Battery life is average lasts up to 3 to 4 hours.

Final Conclusion On Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

So, guys, we have listed the best split-screen baby monitor. In making this review we have totally worked hard to look up the requirements of the parents so that we should recommend the best split-screen to you. In this review there is not any fluff, only selected the best products that really fully all the needs.

 We have made a detailed review with the proper pros and cons of all different baby split screens so that you have some good options and you could choose the best one which full fills all your demands. 

For your ease, we have also given the link through which you will directly redirect to Amazon from where you can check the price and buy your perfect one. So we hope that in this article we have cleared all your doubt on the split-screen and now you could be able to buy one for yourself. But if you have some more queries then you can contact us in the comment section below. 

How To Choose The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor For Twins

A baby monitor is one of the best devices to look at and take care of the little baby in this Busy Life. Through Baby Monitor, You can view the direct Visuals of your Baby room from all angles with Help of a Split-screen Display not only that You can also check the Temperature of your Baby Rooms, And if your baby starts crying or wake from sleep then you can use the Two-way communication feature to talk to Baby and keep them Calm.

And If you have Twins Baby and it is becoming hard to take care of Both at the same time then you can use the Split screen Baby monitor it gives you a visual of Both the Babies at the same time. Features that make the Baby monitor Best

Video Recording: Video recording Features make you capture your baby’s most joyful and Interesting moments that make you feel happy. You can store Those Joyful moments in the storage of the Baby monitor and view it whenever you want and also save it to see and Memorise those Best moments after a long period of time.

Two-way Communication: Two-way communication features help you to Talk to your baby when they start to cry to make them Calm and Feels comfortable so that Your Baby can feel Your Presence.

Wireless connections: The Connection Between the Camera and The Display is totally Wireless so that you don’t Have to carry the Long Wire, The Displays are very portable and compact so that you can carry it even in your pocket.

Night Vision: Night Visual feature help you to Monitor yourself Babyeven in the Night or in the Dim Light. It always gives you a clear visual of your Baby. Now it’s Time To Look For the Split Display Baby monitor That would be perfect for you. You can choose anyone for Yourself according to your requirements.

Benefits of Split-Screen Baby Monitor for Twins

Now let’s make you aware of the benefits of the split-screen monitor. If you are raising twin babies then you must have to look at both babies carefully and this could not be possible for you so that you can take the support of the split-screen baby monitor it helps you to watch carefully about the activities of both babies simultaneously by splitting your display monitor. 

You can also watch different angles to your baby so that you make yourself updated with all activities of your twin babies. Also, a split-screen baby monitor measures your baby’s room temperature continuously and shows it to you on the display it helps you with proper feeding of your babies. 

Because of split-screen, you can feel yourself self leaving your baby sleep in the room and you would be able to do some extra works also. The baby monitor also gives you an alert if your baby starts to cry so that you can talk to your baby and make them feel comfortable. 

 There are many more benefits of a split-screen monitor it helps to track the growth of your baby so that you feed them properly. So don’t think more just buy one splits screen baby monitor for yourself and enjoy some free time while watching your babies regularly.