11 Best Long Range Baby Monitors [Feb 2022]

best long range baby monitors

Long-range baby monitors are quite important and helpful for every parent which extremely busy in their life. when it comes to keeping your child near even when he or she is far from you and these monitors come with unique features and technologies which make the task an easy one.

A long-distance baby monitor helps parents to get a better night’s sleep. It’s one job is to help you detect when baby shouts or whines in her bed, so you know whether it’s time for a feeding or a new diaper, or if she’s just murmuring on her way back to Snooze town.

We research the most important features parents look for in long-range baby monitors and then compared that with the top products available. Then we considered the price, features, and user reviews to bring you our favorites.

11 Best Long Distance Range Baby Monitors 2020

My #1 Pick. VAVA 5″ Baby Monitor –  900 feet

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Vava baby monitor is designed and created by a team of experts that spouts the needs of modern parents. On behalf of research, development, and listening to the concerns of new parents, we now present a vital parenting tool – the VAVA baby monitor.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor has 7-Level Sound Volume & LED Indicators
  • Automatic Night Vision Mode so you can see even at night.
  • Room temperature monitoring gives you every single report.
  • This baby monitor has a long transmission range

This Vava baby monitor comes with a long-lasting 4500mAh battery, the highest so far, and a larger 5” 720P IPS screen which helps to see everything in fantastic clarity, from delicate movements to the softest breathing.

This Vava baby monitor has 7 volume levels for real-time care, you can set a high volume to hear your newborn baby coughing or breathing, or to easily awake parents who are heavy sleepers, set it to a low volume to just capture the crying of your baby.

Pros :

  • It has four cameras in the alternative model.
  • This baby monitor has 2x and 4x zoom capacity.

Cons :

  • This product is a little bit expensive.

2. Eufy Security Baby Monitor -1000 feet No wifi

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If you are looking at a baby monitor for security purposes, the Eufy security baby monitor is the best choice. In this monitor when two or more cameras are connected, the monitor will automatically cycle between each view, giving you complete coverage of your baby’s environment. It is excellent for under 200 baby monitors without wi-fi.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor has a 720p display that shows a sharp picture.
  • This baby monitor has a large battery backup.
  • It has a wide-angle lens to see the whole room.
  • It has an alert feather when a baby cries.

This baby monitor has a high-capacity 2900mAh rechargeable battery which gives you 15-hour monitoring so you can check at any time with ease.

All your footage is kept private and secure. Set the camera wherever you want to get the best view of your baby – even on a wall. The built-in microphone and speaker give you direct communication with your baby even if you’re on the other side in the home.

Pros :

  • It has an extra lens to expand the view to 110°.
  • This baby monitor has The 460ft – 1000ft longer range.
  • You can easily convert into four cameras.
  • It has a microphone and speaker to talk with your baby.

Cons :

  • This baby monitor does not support Micro SD Card to record a video.

3. Anmeate Digital Baby Monitor –  1000 feet affordable

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This Anmeate baby monitor is here to finally give you true peace of mind when you do your day-to-day activities and your little angel is relaxing or sleeping in his room.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor has a 2.4-inch high definition color LCD Display.
  • 4 GHz Digital Wireless Audio & Video Transmission.
  • This baby monitor has Long Range Up to 960 ft.
  • You can talk with your baby with two-Way Talk-Back Communication.
  • Auto Infrared Night Vision to see clearly.
  • It also has an Alarm and Timer Setting.

When you talking about the best baby monitor, you cannot go buy any cheaply-made baby camera monitor anymore. Because Anmeate provides the best quality baby monitor which provides crystal clear audio & video.

Anmeate video baby monitor has two-way talkback communication technology, with an Ultra-utility microphone and speakers which helps to communicate easily. When your baby is crying, you can communicate with him in your voice to comfort and relax your baby.

Pros :

  • It helps to care for your newborn baby easily.
  • This baby monitor has a High-Resolution Display with 2x zoom magnification.
  • It has a temperature monitoring feather.

Cons :

  • Its night mode is not so clear

4. Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor -Unlimited range

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This Nanit plus baby monitor provides a crystal clear HD bird’s eye view of your baby. Video quality is premium in both day or night from anywhere on you can see iOS, Android. It easily mounts to the wall above your baby bed.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor collects every important memory of your baby.
  • In this baby monitor, more than one person can see their reports.
  • You can do analytics and guidance right in your Nanit app.

You can easily hear or speak to your baby with two-way audio. You can easily listen to your baby voice while using apps or even when your screen is turned off with background audio. This baby monitor provides a live stream to see real-time sound and motion.No.1 Nanit Wi-fi baby monitors check here

Nanit Plus can “see” your baby’s chest as they breathe in real-time, simply by reading the customized patterns on the fabric. Get alerts on both your app and camera should they ever need you.

Pros :

  • This baby monitor tracks everything like breathing, sleeping, and also alert you when it needs it.
  • It easily mounted on a wall.

Cons :

  • This baby monitor is expensive.

5. Moonybaby Split Baby Monitor – 1000 feet

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Moonybaby split baby monitor provides high-quality products to support parents taking care of their children from 0 to 6 years old. Our product brings your baby from the newborn.

Specification :

  • This baby monitor has a 5” Large display unit with an easy-to-use interface.
  • It has a wide-angle lens with a 2X digital zoom for viewing every corner.
  • Split-screen give you, double screen support to see both places directly.
  • This monitor has a 2-Way talkback system to communicate with the baby.

This monitor gives you two cameras to see your little ones playing or having sweet dreams in their bed. The high-quality device has various excellent features that help modern parents to take care of children.

The monitor has an in-build lullabies system. To play the peaceful sounds, or some familiar nursery songs to entertain your baby. This baby monitor delivers clear video and audio within a 1000ft range in the open area.

Pros :

  • This baby monitor has two cameras to cover every corner.
  • This moon baby monitor has a wide-angle with auto night mode.
  • In this baby monitor, you don’t need any wi-fi or app.

Cons :

  • In this baby monitor video quality of the night-mode is not so good.

6. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor – 1500 feet

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Panasonic video Baby Monitor uses the same clear and secure long-range technology. It offers you a clear, secure, and interference-free signal up to 1500 feet*. more than the length of four football fields.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor gives you HD video quality.
  • This baby monitor has signals with zero interruptions.
  • It has a long-life battery for up to 13 hours.
  • Microphones and speakers used for communication with babies.

You can easily adjust the color monitor and controls to an improved wide-eyed, wall-mountable night vision camera in the baby’s room. You can easily control the video camera with the remote. You can also zoom the camera from the baby Monitor to look in on your child anytime.

It has a smart motion sensor that alerts you when the baby is awake or crying. A temperature sensor alerts you if the room is above or below a range you set. Microphones and speakers in both video cameras and baby Monitor enable 2-way to talk with anyone in the room.

Pros :

  • This baby product has a 3.5-in color monitor.
  • You can easily control cameras remotely.
  • Its night-mode gives you a clear view.

Cons :

  • This baby monitor has a low Battery life.

7. HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor – 1000 feet

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This HeimVision HM136 is specially designed for baby security purposes so you can view real-time activities without any delay. It has 720P Large LCD with 100% digital technology for privacy and security.

Specifications :

  • The Real-Time Transmission monitoring with a range up to 1000ft.
  • Night Vision Sensor makes the night still clear.
  • You can easily use this baby monitor which also has a feeding reminder.
  • This baby monitor has a long battery life.

It has a large battery life of 2100mAh offers supportable battery life. This baby monitor allows you a view of your baby without the need to change the lens, You can zoom to 2x remotely using the monitor. One parent unit monitor can be paired with 4 child unit cameras, You could take care of all of your kids with one monitor.

It has a 110° Wide-Angle camera which gives you a wider view, this baby monitor can cover every corner of your room, widening your viewpoint. The camera and monitor were already paired with a screen so you can see at any time.

The app-free and Internet-free experience will please you with simplicity. Sound-activated and temperature alarm will make a sound to let you know your baby is comfortable and safe.

Pros :

  • This baby monitor has PTZ camera to see in every direction.
  • It gives you a temperature alarm.

Cons :

  • This baby monitor has a very short battery life for around 5 hours.

8. VTech 3252 Video Baby Monitor -1000 feet

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This Vtech video baby monitor is specially made for communication, sometimes the baby needs to hear the sound of your voice. Sing her favorite song through a two-way, talk-back intercom. It has five calming lullabies and four soft ambient sounds, including a trickling stream and white noise, help her easily drift into dreamland.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor has long-range so, Stay in touch with your baby from another room or even from the yard.
  • This monitor has a two-way talk-back intercom with your baby.
  • You can see full video motion on this monitor.

Automatic infrared night vision gives you a clear view of the newborn baby even with the lights out, so you can check in without disturbing your little one. You can save power with the parent unit by turned off-screen until.

A visual and audio indicator will alert you when it’s time to check on the baby. The camera is easy to adjust, so you can have the best view no matter where you place the baby unit. Check vtech vm342 reviews here

Pros :

  • This monitor gives you multiple viewing options.
  • It secures your video and audio transmission.

Cons :

  • In this baby monitor, you dose not save important memories.

9. VTech Audio Baby Monitor – 1000 feet

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This VTech Baby Monitor with its digital technology provides crystal clear transmission, reducing the irritating white noise which you hear from analog monitors.

Specifications :

  • This Vtech audio baby monitor gives you clear audio transmission.
  • It has a long-range so you can operate in any room of your house.
  • Very soft light on the baby unit smoothly decorates a dark nursery.
  • you can choose to hear sounds from the baby unit at the time

You can easily hear the sound coming from your baby. With a range of up to 1,000 feet, the Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor lets you hear your newborn from anywhere in the house or even outside.

The lightweight and long-lasting battery operate for up to 18 hours on a single charge. Its backlit display is easy to read, even in the dark. A set of five LED lights that are mounted on the parent unit indicates you by sound in your baby’s room so you can visually monitor the noise level in the baby room. It is best for deaf parents under budget also. Check

Pros :

  • Enjoy peace of mind howling you can hear baby’s every sound.
  • Up to 1,000 feet of long-range support.
  • This audio baby monitor comes with rechargeable batteries.

Cons :

  • This baby monitor has an only audio feather.

10. Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor -960 feet

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Goodbye is a popular company that delivers the highest quality baby video monitors since 2017. It is a brand that you can 100% trust because they always stand behind our products. Goobay high-quality baby monitor provides parents with peace of mind and many years of experience.

Specifications :

  • This baby monitor comes with Invisible IR night vision to see even in dark.
  • If your baby crying or he/ she needs you then it alarm function works.
  • This goodbye monitor has Two-way talk communication to talk with your baby
  • Comes with Sleek compact design for portability

You can clearly see the real-time stream in a 2.4-inch color display which delivers a crystal clear image. And Long-lasting battery provides reliable charge up to 12 hours in power-saving mode, 8 hours with the display screen constantly on.

If you compare this baby monitor it so easy and simple. This baby monitor gives you full safety so no one hack and connects into your WiFi and APP to see your baby. It is the best way to protect your privacy and your baby’s safety.

Pros :

  • Soothe your baby bu playing lullabies.
  • This baby monitor has up to 960 ft long-range support.
  • It also has a feeding alarm reminder.

Cons :

  • This range of this baby monitor is low as compared to other monitors.

11. HelloBaby Baby Monitor – 960 feet

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This hello baby Monitor analyses your baby’s sleep with the most advanced High-Quality Color LCD Display with Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology. This premium baby monitor provides high definition and stable streaming to see crystal clear digital vision & sound without any interruption. It’s under $100 so this best budget-friendly also.

Specifications :

  • Long-range up to 960 feet and alert you by notifications when you out of range.
  • Allows you to watch your baby more closely with 2x zoom capacity.
  • You can Pair up to four cameras to keep an eye on additional rooms.
  • Lull your baby to sleep with pre-programmed lullabies.

Hello, baby used the most advanced 2-way talkback communication technology. And when the baby can’t sleep or crying, you can use the in-built lullabies with white sounds.

You can easily watch your baby even from outside as the baby camera has an ultra-long-range of up to 960 feet of open space. When you get too far you’ll get notified by the out-of-range warning.

It also has auto Infrared Night Vision to see a clear view even in the night. You can also alert if this monitor detects the high or low room temperature and by using the 2x digital zoom with Manual Pan & Tilt to see movements of your baby.

Pros :

  • Comfort your baby with the sound of your voice by using two-way communication.
  • You can easily Rest see your baby day and night and you can also activate remotely a comforting glow in baby’s room.

Cons :

  • Its battery has a very short time.


Conclusion: Baby Monitors can come with a wide collection of extra features, from hi-definition video display to wireless connectivity with your tablet or other devices. If you are thinking to buy a new long-range baby monitor this guide helps to a perfect pair.

Why We Need Long-Range Baby monitors?

If you buying a long-range baby monitor it will help you to stay in touch with your baby no matter how far away you. This long-range monitor can help you stay connected, even if you standing outside the house, into the garage, the backyard, while still keeping eyes and ears on the baby.

Types of Long Range Baby Monitors

1. Audio Monitors :

An audio monitor only allows you to listen to your baby while he sleeps in his/her bed. It should alert only when crying, and minimize background noise, such as an air conditioner, as much as possible. Many audio babies’ monitors have a light-up element system, so you will notice if the baby’s tears are growing louder, even if the system is on mute.

2. Digital Monitors :

Transmissions from a digital monitor are, so it makes impossible for sounds from your baby’s room to other receivers While somewhat more costly than analog monitors, the difference in sound quality and premium security may be worth the higher price.

Frequently ask questions About long Range:

1. How wide a range will you need?

You will get a complete report in every monitor’s packaging box. There, they will tell you how much area it covers, but these numbers can be misleading, especially when multiple walls, or your home’s wiring, block or interfere with the frequency.

Once you buy a monitor test it to see how well you can hear voices and sounds from the nursery coming through the monitor’s base and the other handsets you’ve placed around the house.

2. Do you work from home?

If you think you’ll be on a company while she’s napping, a light-up audio indicator can let you get work done while keeping the monitor on mute. The lights will let you know how loud she is cooing or crying.

3. How long will you use a baby monitor?

In the first few months, you’ll not continue to use it when he/she sleep or awake, but as baby reaches 6 months and starts sleeping through the night more frequently, you can probably keep the monitor on, but at a lower volume so you only hear.

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