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Best wooden Imaginarium train table sets for kidsWhat other can you give to get it to experience more interesting for your children? A train table will be a perfect purchase, not only for you but also for your children, such as a great table like Best Imaginarium Classic Train Table Sets.

These tables assist in creating a fantastic dream world for children and adults alike. A place in which their dreams can come true is created by these Imaginarium train table sets. Usually associated with children, they can provide a field in which dreams can blossom and expand.

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Best Imaginarium train tables Sets for kids

Some are wide and huge; some are reserved. Whatever your kid would appreciate, we believe our reviews would help you determine what your best train table would be.  you can see which one is ideal for your needs and budget.

  Our Top Picks For You… 

1.KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Table Sets


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Table Set

1.The playset dimensions are mentioned as 16″ H x 48.75″ L x 34.4″ W. T-Molding, MDF, and melamine is the stuff that is utilized.

2.With Silk-screened embellished playboard, it is featured, and a 1 1/2″ margin to carry stuff on the play table is provided.

3.This complete set is exceptionally crafted for security and to present countless hours of imaginative fun

4.Featured with Radiantly intricate wooden items, colourfully adorned, long-lasting play exterior, and huge enough for children to play together

5.Featured with 3 long-lasting red plastic bins that glide under the table for simple storage

6.Featured with Exclusive T-molded tips to limit chipping

The proper purpose of water and adventure is sufficient to attract the children and make them smile. 3 bins buried underneath the table can be utilized to collect pieces. Slide cases back below, and the table is clear for free play.

This collection appears with 120 pieces having three storage bins(to keep the materials organized and in one place) with expertise and finishing., a 1″ lip, unique T molded edge s to avoid chipping, a silkscreen view activity space, to have total the stuff on the playboard.

This collection has a mixture of wooden and plastic elements for variety and entertainment and is built up of stable and robust material. It also includes a helicopter landing pad, a turnaround track, an airport runway, a suspension bridge, and extra loads of areas for more than one child to play.


Easy to assemble.

Great quality.


Material is just fine.

2.KidKraft Metropolis Train Table & Set


KidKraft Metropolis Train Table & Set

1.This comprises 100 blazingly individual wooden pieces, comprising a magnetic 3-car train

2.The challenging play outside of the train activity desk is colourfully adorned

3.The project table is big enough for children to play together

4.Featured with Packaged with comprehensive, step-by-step assembly guide is provided.

5.The Jumbo storage drawer in the action play table enables for an effortless cleanup

6.Brightly intricate wooden pieces are provided.

7.Featured with Colorfully decorated, long-lasting play surface

8.For children to play together, this is large enough.

9.Built with Smart, firm construction

What is more reliable and more appealing than expressing your modern city? Raise the bridges, shopping malls, significant buildings, private areas, and parks anywhere you want. This train collection is inundated with extraordinarily refreshing and desired characteristics.

This hundred-piece collection has a vast play sphere with a train table with a solid and quality wooden structure having sufficient storage to have pleasure with its fascinating pieces.

These fascinating car trains, the magnificent suspension platforms, and the beautiful tracks intensify its excellence. The superior-quality wooden table is intricately sketched to be at a core level to have a more direct and enjoyable experience.

It’s the most reliable train table with accommodation space and amounts of fun. Creations would soar as children traverse the KidKraft Metropolis Train Table collection. The city scene appears with 100 interesting pieces, consisting of the magnetic 3-car train that floats above the city on the raised track. Complex artwork representing forests, roads, rivers spark the potential of creative play. This long-lasting and simple-to-clean play outside supports children to play, traverse, and discover their hearts’ content.


1.Easy to put together.

2.Great quality.


1.Poor design.

3.BRIO World Deluxe Railway Set Train Set for Kids Age 3 & Up

BRIO World 33052 Deluxe Railway Set


1. The Deluxe Railway Set is an action-packed train set that includes passenger trains, harbour scenes, freight trains, 

and metro fun. This is all it consists of. It’s complete with stations, cranes, bridges, and figures. A must-have for any train lover.

2.On the right track with this Deluxe Railway wooden toy train set, Start your budding train engineer off. At Christmas or over the holiday season for the creative, It’s the perfect gift.

3.This is toddler created for ages 3 and up, with batteries incorporated.

With all other BRIO railway toys, This railway play as the 33052 Deluxe Railway Set is compatible; as your child develops, it’s no matter of worrying.

4.To understand and determine their surroundings in a pleasant way, by Playing with train sets, Children get engaged in this.

We conduct more than 1,000 safety tests a year to ensure that our products conform to all safety standards, and in developing toys that are entirely safe for children to play with, we take pride.

The BRIO World is a continuing arrangement that boosts creativity and artistic activity based on original-world adventures. Kids can discover, improve and grow – creating results along the way. BRIO World results are a hundred per cent cooperative with each other.

This ultimate BRIO World railway and road collection – this 87-piece 33052 elegant Railway collection appears flawless with harbour and metro scenes, passenger trains, freight trains, stations, cranes, platforms, road and rail tracks, characters, and infinite.

Complete of battle and experience, this BRIO World collection supports kids to explore the world around them in a celebration and enlightening way. Fill the cargo trucks and run on and off the distinctive path sections finished with a unique track exchange segment with operating safety gates. It was manufactured from sanded flat, thick Beechwood and meticulously created with six layers of water-dependent finish for a chip-resistant, lively finish. 


1.High quality.

2.Well built


1.No negative comments.

4.Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table


1.This Jumbo drawer for the most lavish accommodation. This multi-activity play table includes a jumbo drawer that serves to store art supplies, games, train tracks, puzzle pieces, and more in a handy storage area.

2.This Melissa & Doug elegant wooden multi-activity play furniture is perfect for block play, puzzles, train sets, arts and crafts, dollhouses, and more. 

3.This recommended table for games features, trains, and puzzles, couple of detachable panels that are simple to lift out to wash or sweep underneath the region.

4.This fabulous Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Play Table offers a fabulous gift for children ages 3 to 8 years.

5.This is the golden standard in adolescent play. For more than THIRTY years, Melissa & Doug has designed elegantly created imagination- and creativity-sparking results that NBC News announced: “the golden measure in early childhood play.”

6.It provides a hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee. We create each toy to the most leading quality measures and to nourish minds and emotions; if your kid is not encouraged, give us a call, and we’ll get it directly; our phone number is on each output

Emphasizing a dual-sided game board and a constructed drawer for a handy area, this complete-purpose play service is perfect for trains, blocks, dollhouses, art projects, and puzzles.

Simple to collect, the table’s broad surface region and children-friendly height guarantee that there would be an abundance of places to spread out and cast, discover a new craft or play a recreation. This table allows a vast stage for a diversity of activities.

Its sixteen-inch rise is made comfortably sized for growing kids, creating it simple for them to obtain the table while either bending or lying on the floor. The amply sized action surface enables two children to play various actions at the same time…


1.Easy assembly.

2.Well built.


1.Lack of quality control.

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train Set with Full Circle

5.LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train Set with Full Circle

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Train Set


1.This vacation LEGO train kit comprises a locomotive, caboose, 5 Minifigures: boy, and a girl, a locomotive driver, ticket collector, grandmother, plus festive green wreaths, decorative lights, and buildable micro toys for Minifigures

2.It is featured, so you just Turn this LEGO train into a motor-powered train set with a Power Capacities motor (which is not included) and see as it turns festively throughout the train track! 

3.These LEGO Creator construction toys are harmonious with all LEGO building kits for the original building

4.The LEGO Originator Expert collections excite both children and grown-ups to traverse their creativity through exciting and fun construction experiences.

5.Jump into the pleasant features of this iconic LEGO Christmas train collection and create a train the complete family will appreciate

The Wholly aboard this LEGO Christmas train! Meet the family for some celebratory LEGO building enjoyment with this adorable train toy assembly collection highlighting a complete course of train track, boarding stand with shelf and lamppost, a potential functions upgradable train motor with brick-constructed gas billowing from its mass, a flatbed carriage with a rotating vacation tree, coal tender, toys, and gifts, and a red car with a thorough interior and table.

This train motor also highlights significant and tiny red-coloured engine wheels, and the train is adorned with green garlands, rope lights, and white tree details. This fantastic LEGO Creator Expert construction equipment comprises five Minifigures. The tree rotates on its stand as the train runs down the course.


1.The train is adorable.

2.Compatible with the different motor kit.


1.Train is not motorized

6.Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set for Kids

Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set for Kids


1.You can Build your mini-city on this wonderful, through this traditional wooden train table

2.Features eighty plus interesting sections that incorporate wooden train tracks, signs, figures, bridges, and train cars

3.Kids would own pleasure performing with figures that they witness daily in the material world, including construction workers, a police officer, etc.

4.Features Rolling room drawer performs clean up time duration quick and simple

5.Large suitable for more than one kid to operate collectively, promoting distributing and developing social skills

6.This product is compatible with the most incredible wooden trains and routes

7.This train set is Excellent for Less Space.

Yield to living the charm of train and railroad happiness with this Small Tikes Real wooden train and table collection. Children would build a world and create countless stories around ordinary people, sites, and things.

When vacation is over, the collection collects quickly into the built-in rolling trundle. This wooden collection was designed for endurance and is the ideal counterpart to your child’s activity space.  


1.Great table.

2.Great size.


1.Not so good quality.

7.Hape E3766 70 Piece Railway Train Table and Set

Hape E3766 70 Piece Railway Train Table and Set


1.This is Complete-in-one expensive, which is a seventy-piece city train collection including the battery-powered number one engine

2.The kit Appears in a wood case with a marked graphic on the head which displays the presentation board for your railway collection

3.The featured tabletop encompasses mountains, parks, lakes, and centre for your routes to work through

4.The featured complete collection can be saved inside the table to conserve space

5.Hit the course out as per the guidance or utilize your imagination to grow up with your individual 

Be your leader with this all-new Hape 70-Piece Railway Train Table and collection. This complete-in-1 action centre enables your kids to create their course and assist them ultimately improve their motor abilities.

This collection comprises tracks, a wood-framed table, trains, and a playmat cover. This 2-piece playmat is detachable to permit for a simple area inside after your kids are done performing.


1.Easy to assemble

2.Very sturdy


1.Tracks are not well built.

8.FUNPENY Train Table Sets for Kids Toddlers

FUNPENY Train Table Sets for Kids Toddlers


1.This is featured Solid beech train furniture with non-toxic varnish, very long-lasting and elegant. Provides security for children. 

2.This set is featured. With more than 100 items, children can fix up the town in various arrangements. 

3.The in-built Trains combine safely with magnets. It is also featured with 8 vehicles combine fire truck, police car, car, train, helicopter, ambulance, and ships

4.It features 7 buildings comprise a tunnel, hospital, stations, walls, suspension bridge.

5.There is a feature of 5 several services people,12 trees, etc.

6.It is provided with Different train track parts 1 wooden furniture with varnish

This wooden train is composed of superior-quality dense beech and can be utilized for several years. Any course and associates are handcrafted, refined to a flat surface, and some acts with hand-drawn designs, pictures continue to the landscape. Our train routes are depicted with non-toxic varnish, which is safe… Constructed of 100% pure beech. Following repetitious grinding, the curves and turns are very quiet. Plus, this toy train has reached the security test, there is no protection difficulty!


1.Nice train table.

2.Looks great


1.No negative comments.

9.Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table


1.This special train set comprises of 100 piece Train Set that includes a helicopter,7 trains, 2 vehicles

2.It also incorporates 4 lamposts, 3 signs, 9 trestles, 5 figures, 3 cargo bundles, and more!

3.It features Exhibitions six targets.

4.It features a 3 door roundhouse with turntable,2-Level mount with 3 tunnels, 2 pillar bridge,360 lift heliport, tourist stop, and underground station

5.The kit Carries above 26 feet of track and 4 levels of passage play

6.The kit comes with a convenient storage bin

7.This collection is ready in espresso finish

This fabulous Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table delivers train play to a distinct level with an undercover site. This table highlights a course loop under the surface and an extensive table front that exhibits a railroad station for a more hands-on railroad play game! The featured 52 sections, of course, join for 26 feet of railroad play with ten approaches to promote complete 4 corners and 4 levels of course climax. This train set appears with a rates engine with two load cars, a commuter train engine, a commuter car, and two railroad cars. 


1.Pretty easy to assemble.

2.Awesome looks.


1.Poor construction

10.Brio World Wooden Toy Train Set for Kids Age 3 & Up

Brio World Wooden Toy Train Set for Kids Age 3 & Up


1.Ideal for the artistic toddler – Begin your growing train engineer off on the proper track with this Brio railway class deluxe wood toy train set.

2.The railway activity as the 33766 railway world elegant collection is fitted with every other Brio railway toy.

3.The set Exhibits necessary skills. Operating with train collections assists children to experience and pleasantly discover about their surroundings.

4. Have your young train engineer on the correct track by combining a Unique Track Pack with your acquisition. 

This awesome Wooden Toy Train collection For children Age 3 & Up.

This latest Brio world railway collection, here this 106-segment 33766 railway class-exclusive collection, emphasizes everything you could always require in a hard toy train collection.

Constructed from a combination of the enormous hits from this Brio world trackway, here you would get all the preferences from our wooden stuff world From the field to the dock. This vast collection is Collected in two convenient and strong green plastic area cases, with shut-close catches for a safe area.


1.The set is quality-made.

2.It is a beautiful design.


1.The set requires a lot of space.


There are several options for consumers when viewing train table sets. Some are simply a hard exterior on which to play trains that places flat on the floor. On the other point are broad cityscapes with construction sets, flyovers, bridges, and municipal buildings.


Considering the ages suggested by the manufacturer is essential. You don’t have to buy with the advice, however. Most of the train set providers placed the bottom of the age limit to two or three years. The advice might be precise for you but may not be. If your two-year-old is in the centre of a molar flow and inserts everything into his mouth and chews, it might be sufficient to wait a little longer. Plus, they throw stuff a lot when they’re irritable. On the other side, there is no top age limit. You might get a different hobby.


The collections encompass the gamut, from neither accessories to more than a hundred. The associates usually are wood or plastic in the same kit. There might be the exposed basics, or a kit might include other vehicles like cars, ambulances, and planes. There is nothing like understanding your kid. Some discover right in and have a ball with a vast collection of accessories. Other kids will seem puzzled and desire to drive a train around the table.

One noteworthy thing to learn when buying any set for children: yes, the choking danger. It might be knowledgeable to gather the collection when your kids aren’t around. You can get each accessory item and operate it through a cheap Choke Danger Detector or simply a vacant toilet paper roll. If staff can cross through the opening, it’s essential to keep it aside from children less than 3 years old. You can forever put the associate away for tomorrow.


If your kid has several accessories and train-track items, storage may play an essential part in choosing a play table. There are alternatives for wide drawers, bins, and even racks to deliver train cars. It’s a great approach to anticipate the area problems your primary choice needs and then design where you’ll place the numerous dozen people, cars, trees, and unicorns.


Specific tables are beneficial for anyone. 1 side is a graphic-laden area of the practice world. Flip that over, and you might own more numerous train material or maybe simply a regular play table. You can utilize that other side for art designs, clay casting, or sports. There’s one idea to see for, still. Be assured that you can flip the board over quickly by yourself.


Dimension might not appear such a great deal when you’re choosing a train table, but it might be 1 of the most significant parts. Any of these options are incredibly great in the circumstances of the regular playroom or bedroom. Suppose you possess a huge basement rec room, no problems. If your kid owns an 8′ x 10′ bedroom, you require to be cautious. Once you’ve concluded on a table set, it might be a great plan to practice a tape measure and monitor the intended space to be assured.


Can you elevate this furniture? That’s the vital issue, isn’t it? I realize I’ve been slacking on my mannerisms and preparation recently. I’m not convinced I could heft a fifty-pound table near and yon. It may not be a problem for you, but if you’re 6 months pregnant or just had joint surgery, you either need to get a table you won’t be assumed to move about or something you can manage simply.


 What term is a train table concerning?

The least suggested age for a train table is two years. As long as your child begins taking an interest in creative play, you can purchase him/her a collection of the unique train table.

How large is a train table?

A train table may be nearby 49″ large, 34″ wide, and 16″ in height. These are the dimensions.

What is the most reliable train table?

All the tables mentioned above are 1 of the preferred. You can pick either of them without any doubt.

How do you fix up a train table?

Train Tables may not be that obvious to establish up. But by specific instruments and labourer skills, you can then fix up your train table. You may watch video tutorials online to supervise you in fixing up a train table.

Is Imaginarium fit with Thomas?

Yeah, Imaginarium is agreeable with Thomas. As per specialists, Imaginarium runs fine with other tracks.

What age is the train table best suitable for?

Train tables are approved for children a couple of years old and over. Children of this era are beginning to become resourceful and creative, and possessing train tables may improve these skills.

Are these train sets affordable?

The train mentioned above sets are the awesome ones which we have said, you can easily choose any of them because they are pretty affordable.


Hence, guys, these were some of the most amazing and most reliable Imaginarium table sets for your children to improve the power of their creativity. It encourages them to imagine more fruitful, critically, creatively, and alert their skills and expertise.

Select the one you believe; finally, Imaginarium train tables are 1 of the perfect play tables for children stuffed with joy, learning, and creative play. No matter what sort of train table you prefer for your children, its chief goal should be knowledge and entertainment. This was all about the Best Imaginarium train table set.


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