9 Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents [Feb 2022] (#2 Amaze)

best bay monitor for deaf parents

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences for you. But Proper caring a newborn Baby is very challenging. Taking care of your baby for the deaf parents is not a big problem, just use These best Baby monitors for Deaf parents to take care of your Baby.

You have to take care of your baby every time, and if you have some physical Impairment in your body like some hearing problem or you are deaf then caring for your baby becomes harder for you. 

There are many problems that will occur for you like you can not hear if your baby is crying or if he/ she is having some problems, So to remove this problem we have found the baby monitors for deaf parents.

Baby monitors will help a lot in raising your child properly. This baby monitor will give you some alert when your baby is crying or if he/She needs your attention. This alert may be a Vibrating alert, Light signal alert, or you through video.

How Baby Monitors For Deaf Parents Work?

The configuration of the Baby monitor for Deaf parents is very simple, in this, you will get 2 units, one for your baby and another unit is given to the parents. If the baby starts to cry then the Sensor placed at the Baby senses and sends alerts to the receiver that is the parents unit and the parents get to know that their Baby is Crying. The alerts that are sent to receiver units by the baby unit may be of Three types

1.By Video:

There are some Baby monitors for the Deaf parents which provides the direct Visual of your Baby’s activities. In this One small camera is placed in the Baby room and the whole activity of your baby is sent to the receiver unit that is a display through which you can monitor your baby every time. The receivers are generally very portable and even have a night vision mode to receive the proper visual of your Baby room.

 2. By Vibration:

Vibrating is also one of the best ways to monitor your Baby. In this one sensor is kept close to the Baby and the Receiver unit is for the Parents. Whenever your baby starts crying then the sensor kept near the Baby sends the Vibration alert to the Receiver unit that parents keep and when it vibrates the gets Know that your Baby wants you.

3. Light Indication:

In Light alert baby Monitor, A light system that can blink is fitted in your Room in such a way that if your baby starts to cry then the Bright light starts to Blink and flash according to the level of your child noise, If the noise of your baby gets Higher then it starts to Blink Very fastly.

In these three ways, The Deaf parents get alerts if their Baby starts to cry or needs his Parents. So that they could take care of their Baby child Properly.

9 Best Baby Monitors for the Deaf Parents Quick Overview

                  Product Name       Alert type    Rating   Buynow
VTech DM221   Vibrating  Sound Alert    4.5/5  Buynow
Infant Optics DXR-8  Video Alert    4.4/5  Buynow
VTech DM111   5 level Sound Indicator    4.3/5  Buynow
Summer Babble Band Wearable   Vibration Alert     4/5  Buynow
Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler  Audio Vibration alert   4.2/5  Buynow
Graco secure   Video Visual Alert   4.3/5  BuyNow
Philips Avent   Vibration Alert   4.5/5  BuyNow
Hello Baby HB180  Sound alert Indicator   4.5/5  BuyNow

AXVUE Video Baby Monitor with Wide Screen 

  Video Visual Alert   4.2/5  BuyNow

9 Best Baby Monitors for Deaf parents complete Details

1.VTech DM221(Most Sold)

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Vtech DM 221 Audio Baby Monitor is one of the best Vibrating Sound alert baby monitors. This baby monitor is Perfect for those who are completely deaf can not hear any sound at all.

In this Baby monitor two units are given one for the baby which senses the noise from the Baby and sends it to the receiver and another one is the Receiver unit which is kept with the parents who receive the vibration alert.

It has a Dect 6.0 which transmits the crystal clear sound so that you hear only your baby sound and remove all the annoying noise. Also, the Dect technology transmits the secure and encrypted signal that ensures that no one else is hearing your Baby sound.

Its Good range of 1000 feet makes you hear your little baby from anywhere in your house. It’s Lightweight Design makes you easy to carry with 18 hours of battery backup in a single charge.

It’s Two-way communication features makes it more perfect, Sometimes the babies need only the voice of their mother to keep calm so you can also talk to your baby so that your Baby feels your presence and be Calm and silent.

Its 5 levels of volume Indication shows the level of your Baby sound in 5 bars, single Bar means your baby can be calmed just by Hearing your voice so that you can talk back to him. If the Baby does not become silent then It starts to vibrate gently so that you feel that your Baby needs you there.


  • DECT 6.0 signal transmits a secure signal with the removal of unwanted noise.
  • Good Range of connection.
  • Its 5 Level of Volume Indication gives you accurate ideas about your Child sound.
  • The Vibrating Sound Alert is More Perfect and Accurate.


  • Battery Backup is a little Bitless. You have to charge the Parents unit after 3 to 4 hours.

2.Infant Optics DXR-8 (Audio Video)

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This is one of the Best Baby monitors for the Deaf parents it gives you the direct Visual of your Baby so that your Baby is always in your vision.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has 2 units one is the Camera which is placed in your room at the proper place so that it covers the whole visuals of your Baby and Another unit is portable and medium-sized Display where you can watch the activities of your Baby properly.

You can Carry the Display in your Pocket and it has a good range of connection strength so that you can view the visual of your Baby from every place in your house.

The Camera unit which is Placed in the Baby room has different types of Camera features like for Normal Viewing, Zoom viewing for clear vision, and the Wide viewing so that you can see the wider range of visuals of the entire Baby Room.

It comes with more security Proof and Full encrypted Visual so that only you can view Your Baby, not anyone else. Also, Talkback Features so that you can also talk to your baby why it needs you from anywhere in your home.

When The Screen is off then it also gives you some sound and Vibration Alert so that you get to Know that your Baby needs you now.


  • Rechargeable Battery with approx 10 hours of battery Backup.
  • Night Vision Sensor technology gives you clear visuals in dark light.
  • Visual features, Talkback Features, Sound alert features make it perfect.
  • It also displays the temperature of your baby room.


  • Expensive But worth it.

3.Philips Avent Audio BAby monitor

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Philips Avent Baby monitor is made by one of the Most trusted Philips Brand. Which has over 30 years of experience in the field of innovation? This Baby monitor comes with Dect 6.0 technology which gives more security and privacy protected connection with great sound clarity.

It has a range of connections of about 1000 feet, That helps you to connected with your child while doing some indoor works. It has the lullabies feature which helps you when your baby starts to cry then plays it so that your bay becomes calm. It has a sound level indicator with a vibration alert that indicates the level of noise of your baby.

With its Two-way communication feature, you can talk to your baby when they woke you and search you so that they feel your presence.


  • Dect 6.0 technology gives you a secure connection.
  • Sound level indicator, temperature, and vibration alert.
  • Two-way communication features.
  • Good range of connections.


  • a little bit expensive 
  • There is a confusion to use because of the many buttons in the Parents unit.

4.VTech DM111

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As the above Mentioned Video Baby monitor for the Deaf, Parent is a little bit expensive, But if you don’t want to spend less money then VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor is the perfect choice in the Budget Price.

In this Baby Monitor, You have 2 units one is a sensor that should be kept in Your baby room to sense the sound of your Baby and the other unit is for the Parents who get the vibration alert when their baby is crying.

It has also DECT 6.0 technology which provides you crystal clear voice of your Baby and also transmits the secure and encrypted sound signal so that your Baby voice does not Disclose to someone else than you.

The parents unit also has a belt clip so that you can easily carry it after clipping it on your Pocket or Belt. Also, it gives you a wider and Better range of connection of about 1500 feet of range, so that you remain connected to your Child from every room of your House even from your Lawn. It has Led indication of the Sound level, which indicates the level of your Baby sound.


  • Good range of Connection of about 1500 feet.
  • Available at low Price.
  • DECT 6.0 technology gives clear and Secure Sound.
  • 5 level Led Sound indicator.
  • Easy to carry.


  • No two-way communication Feature.
  • Battery Backup is just average.

5.Summer Babble Band Wearable

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Summer Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor is the best Baby monitor for the Deaf parents because it gives alert of all three types Like sound, Vibration, and Light alert.

It has two units One is the Sensor which is Kept in the Baby Room that senses the Sounds of your baby Voice. And the other one is the Vibrating baby monitor bracelet which the Parents wear on their wrists.

Its wrist bracelet has the alert system, which alerts the Parents when their Baby needs them. It gives you alerts in three modes which you can choose according to yourself: which mode is perfect for you.

Audio only mode: In this mode, you can hear the sound only of your baby when it starts to cry. This mode is perfect for those who have normal hearing capabilities.

Vibration mode: In this mode, you can get the Vibration alert if your Baby is Crying. This mode is perfect for those who are completely deaf.

Sound Light Mode: In this Mode you get alerts with sound activated led light alerts when there is sound in the baby room. It gives you a decent range of up to 800 feet. Also gives you the Battery backup of about 8 hours.


  • Babble band is the only available on this device.
  • It’s three different modes of alert makes it perfect.
  • Good battery back of up to 8 hours.
  • Very Lightweight and Portable.
  • Its wearable band is totally adjustable.


  • No Two-way communication feature.
  • The range of connections is slightly less as compared to others

6.Hello Baby HB180 Audio Monitor

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Hello Baby HB180 is a Two-way audio baby monitor Which is equipped with Dect 6.0 features that provide a secure And private connection with your Baby.

Its Transmission range is 1000 feet so that you get remains connected with your baby from everywhere in your house. The sensor of the baby room senses the temperature and sound of the baby room and transmits to the receiver which is the parent unit.

It gets the alerts of your baby sound with the sound level indicator on the parent unit to show the level of noise of your baby, In this, a two-way communication feature is also given which helps you to talk to your baby when they are crying.


  • The DECT 6.0 feature gives a secure connection.
  • Good range of connection of 1000 feet.
  • Two-way communication feature.
  • Sound level And Temperature alert
  • Very compact and portable.


  • All good But the battery is just normal.

7.Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler

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Sonic Cry signaler is one of the oldest Baby monitors for Deaf parents. This is designed for the parents who are completely deaf and can not be able to hear a single Sound.

Its Sensitivity control is totally adjustable and highly adaptive to even the lowest Sound levels. It catches the sound of your Baby crying and immediately sends an alert to the receivers. 

You have to buy an extra receiver for this Signaler Because receivers do not come with it. You can buy a receiver that gives you the vibration alert, or the visual alerts. Its Sensitivity is very high, It catches the lowest sound that your baby makes and then sends the alert to the Receiver.


  • Good sensing strength.
  • Totally wireless connection.
  • It works well with numbers of different receivers.
  • Good Battery life gives you the battery backup of up to 8 hours.


  • It does not come with the Receiver, You have to buy externally.
  • sometimes a problem for the noisy sleepers.

8.Graco secure baby monitor 

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Graco secure is one of the Best Baby monitors that is featured with advanced secure digital technology that gives better transmission, Better privacy, and better visual clarity.

It has a sound light alert that alerts you when your baby starts crying with advanced light intensify technology. If your baby doesn’t stop crying, then the alert of light goes more intense.

This Baby monitor works on 900 Hz frequency, it means no interference from the phone and Microwave. So that you get the most accurate alert at the right time.

It has a massive 2000 feet range of connection so that you remain connected with your baby at any place in your house or even outside the lawn of your house.

There is also a vibrate function which starts to vibrate when your baby starts crying.

In this Baby monitor, you get two units one is a sensor for the baby room which senses the sound and temperature and transmits to the receiver which is a 3.5-inch display where you see your baby regularly.


  • Massive range of connection up to 2000 feet.
  • Light alerts get intense if the baby sounds loud.
  • It has both light sound alerts or also vibration alerts.
  • It has minimal interference.
  • Static-free transmission.


  • Its Battery backup is just average.

9. Axvue Video Baby Monitor with Wide Screen

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This is the Best Video Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents made by one of the World’s leading baby monitor manufacturers Brand, which aims to give you the best Products always.

In this Baby monitor two units are Provided the sensor and the receiver, here the sensor is a camera which is kept in the Baby room which catches the visual and sends it to the Receiver which is a Display of 4.3” from which the parents see the visual of the Baby rooms.

This Baby monitor gives you many features like Visual of your baby, Real-time temperature of the Baby room, Super clear night vision, and also two-way talk so you can talk to your Baby if they cry or awake from sleeping.

It gives you a totally wireless connection between the camera and the receiver display. This Baby monitor gives you a better battery backup of up to 7 hours. Also, it is so portable that you can carry it in your pocket and you can do your normal work When a child cries it gets alerted to you.

It’s Infrared Night vision gives a clear vision of the Baby even in the Low light. In this monitor When your Baby starts to cry then automatically the parent’s screen gets activated.


  • Visual alerts of your Baby.
  • Good Battery Backup.
  • Two-way talk features and Night vision works perfectly.
  • Powerful and good range of connections.


  • A little bit pricey but best according to its features.
  • The picture’s quality needs to be better.

How To choose the Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents

Choosing the best Baby monitor for deaf parents that fulfill your needs is not quite Easy, firstly you have to look for your needs so that according to that you can choose the best one for yourself.

For example, if you have a partially hearing problem then you can choose the Visual baby monitors it would be the perfect choice for you because through visual Baby monitor you can also give you visual of your baby room so that you can look carefully that what your child is doing.

Like the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor, Video Baby Monitor with Wide Screen and Night Vision these two baby monitor  would be perfect for You,

But if you are totally deaf means you can not be able to hear anything then the Vibrating Baby monitor would be the Philips AVENT perfect choice for you Because it produces a vibration when your baby starts to cry and through the vibration Baby monitor you get a very strong alert and can feel properly that your baby needs you.

So the baby monitors like Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler, Summer Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor and VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor are the best one for you

Frequently Asked questions.

Q1.How do deaf parents know when their baby is crying?

Deaf parents have some problems raising their Baby because they can not hear their Baby voice, so they are not able to understand their children well. To remove this Problem You can use these Bests Baby monitors for deaf parents, these Baby monitors will give you alerts like Vibration alert, Light indication alert or you can monitor your Baby through Visual, So That You get to know when your Baby is Crying. Baby monitors for Deaf parents are the best option to take care of their Baby.

Q2.Which of the Baby monitors for Deaf parents?

Usually, the visual baby monitors are best, you can look for your baby visually through it that gives you more satisfaction, But in the Visual baby monitor for deaf parents, there must have the features of vibration or Visual signal so that you get easily alert at the same time when your baby starts crying. Vibration alerts are the best features that every deaf parent needs so that they can take care of their children very carefully.

Final Conclusion on Best Baby monitor for Deaf parents So In this article, we have discussed how the deaf parents take care of their child and how they can know that their baby is crying with the help of these above-listed Baby monitors. These monitors are very useful for Deaf parents. Also, we have listed the top 9 best baby monitors for deaf parents. For your ease, there is also a link from where you can redirect to Amazon and check the price of these bests Baby monitors and if it would be perfect for you then you can also buy it from there amazon.

And I hope all your confusion about the baby monitors has been removed and you are able to decide the one that is perfect for you, but if you have any query then you can ask from us in the comment section. We are always there for you to help you. Thanks