Video Baby Monitor 7.0″ Reviews 2020

Video Baby Monitor, with 7.0" Large LCD Screen ReviewsMost of the parents nowadays looking for the best Video Baby Monitors having large LCD display with recording functionality. The best way to capture the smiling moments of your infant is 24/7 recording and playback audio, video capability. Moreover, with such a best baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your infant 24/7 while sleeping in the room or playing with toys. There is the number of uses of such video baby monitors.

Almost all the parents are responsible and caring but some are more safety and security conscious. They think more about the safety of their children. To do so they adopt the services of the best video baby monitor. By having the best cameras with the monitors in the bedroom of baby you can keep viewing your infant activities while staying away from the room. If you are looking for the best video baby monitors with large LCD then definitely your search end here. Because this device is offering 7.0 inches large screen with the sensitive microphone to talk with your baby. This is one of the finest product of whole line rich with the premium features.

Features of Video Baby Monitor with 7.0 Large LCD Screen

Having a camera and good size LCD monitor for monitoring the activities of your child is one of the best ways to keep viewing the child. Place somewhere high on the curtains and cupboard for the wide angle view of the room. Let’s have a quick and deep view of the features offered by the device.

7.0 inches Large LCD Screen

It is one of those features which most of the parents wanted in the parental unit of the devices. This premium device consists of 7.0 inches HD LCD screen which standout this product among the various products of the same class. Not only the video can you talk-back with your kid from your bedroom, kitchen or garden. Undoubtedly, the device will increase your productivity and saves a lot of your time. See more best video baby monitor or go through all the best baby monitor brands to pick the best model by best brand.

2-Way Communication

With this device, you are able to talk-back with your kid from the different locality. This feature is quite enough to soothe your children with your voice. When the baby starts crying you can talk back in order to calm your baby first. Gradually this device can be an intercom between you and your child as the child grows. You both can communicate with one another.

Long life Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

One of the considerable features of the devices is they are capable of long ON Screen operations. The device consists of the built-in Li-ion Rechargeable battery having a capacity of 900mAh. Which is quite good for 4 to 8 hours continuous viewing of a child on such a large screen.

VOX (Voice Operated Exchange)

The device also consists of the Voice operated the exchange in order to improve the battery timing. With VOX you simply can enhance the battery timing from 8 hours to overnight.

Plug & Play & Temperature Sensors

The device is very easy to install and setup. You just need to plug and press the button on the baby unit of this device. Both parental unit and the baby unit get connected with each other automatically.

The device is also equipped with the temperature sensors in order to keep moderate the baby’s room temperature. This feature ensures that your baby should always feel cozy and soothe.

Built-in Lullabies

The device also consists of the 4 different lullabies which will help you to let the baby a good & sweet sleep. You can set the off timer at the time of sleeping.

Final Verdicts about Video Baby Monitor with 7.0 Large LCD Screen

The device is well reviewed once you go through the above review you will come to know the worth of the device. If you like the large screen then this device is the best fit for you. Moreover, the device is comprised of the bundle of premium features.


  • One of the best video baby monitor having large 7.0 inches LCD Screen.
  • Two-way communications abruptly.
  • Long life battery.
  • VOX power saving mode.
  • Plug & play easy to install.
  • Equipped with the temperature sensors.
  • Pre-installed lullabies to soothe your child.
  • Motion alert sensors.
  • Infrared lights for the black & white image.
  • Few complains about the price of the device.

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